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Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing for Plesk 12 Launch

Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing for Plesk 12 Launch

Why should you care about digital marketing?

In today’s information-rich world, 70% of your sales funnel happens before you even know you have a prospective buyer (Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™). All the research that consumers do before contacting the seller is what Google defines as the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), and 84% of the shoppers said that ZMOT shapes their final decisions. Moreover, 93% of tech B2B customers conduct their research on the internet, mostly via search engines. Add the fact that more prospect interaction is occurring online nowadays, with 25% of tech product buyers completing the purchase online, and you definitely have a strong case for optimizing your digital assets (Think With Google).

As if that weren’t enough, here’s the three main reasons why B2B organizations are focusing their marketing efforts on the web:

Cost-effectiveness: digital marketing can generate more branding value and over 50% more qualified leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. In general, leads generated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts have a 14.6% close rate, while other outbound lead methods have a 1.7% close rate (Search Engine Journal).
Reach: online campaigns potentially provide broad, non-intrusive, instantly-engaging exposure, allowing easy segmentation and the possibility of spreading virally.
Measurability: it’s easy to track results real time, gain good insight on your customers’ behavior and quickly and continuously refine your tactics.
Three steps to kick-start your Plesk 12 sales offers:

1) Define your target audience

One of the biggest mistakes in any marketing endeavor is to overgeneralize the target market, and when it comes to growing a business few things have more impact than a narrow focus. This will allow you to reach the appropriate set of people and generate qualified leads.

Through its four new editions, Parallels Plesk 12 addresses the specific needs of the following audience segments:

Web Hosts: traditional shared web hosts
Web Professionals: designers, developers, and digital agencies
Web Administrators: website administrators, IT professionals, and website hobbyists
Web Application Developers: developers who build and deploy web applications or online games
2) Speak the language

Once you have created your customer profiles, the next step is to find the most common keywords they use when referring or searching for web hosting solutions. There are numerous online tools that will aid you on your keyword research, but don’t forget to benchmark your competitors and to check related social media communities to learn how people are actually using those phrases in their conversations, what questions they are asking, and spot new trends.

Optimizing your content for specific, narrow, multi-word strings will let you achieve higher visibility through a lower competition level and better alignment with your customer needs. By doing this you will be reaching out to the right segment on all your pieces of content, allowing you to craft specific messages that address your target audience and move away from generic offers.

Furthermore, always write with empathy, choosing topics that address web hosters’ pain points and solve their problems.

3) Spread the word

Disseminating your message across the web should be a natural process. Content is still king, but you should always make it relevant and appealing so that your readers feel compelled to share it. Inbound links from a diversity of quality websites have always been a big component of search engine ranking algorithms, but social media engagement is also a strong sign of value for both search engines and humans.

So write regularly, keeping the material fresh and exciting, and giving people a reason to engage and return. With the advent of social media people inherently look for a personal connection, so in the end it is all about it’s all about building relationships through stories and conversations.

Need help?

You don’t have to go it alone. Our Ready-Now Marketing partner, Semdrive, has launched a new Digital Kick-Start program to help you boost the discoverability of your Plesk 12 offers.  As part of Parallels Ready-Now Marketing, Semdrive is offering a custom assessment of your website, best practice guidance, and hands-on consulting services.
Get Started: http://www.buycloud.vn/parallels-plesk12.html

Or you can go to Ready-Now Marketing on PartnerNet where you’ll find the Semdrive offer and other expert marketing services at discounted rates. These special offers are just for Parallels web hosting partners.